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Efficient Export and Import Customs Services in Kenya

Siggol Logistics provides top-tier customs clearance and brokerage solutions for export and import consignments in Kenya, ensuring timely preparation and submission of all necessary documentation.

Our close coordination with customs departments, airlines, and shipping companies gives Siggol Logistics a competitive edge in freight forwarding and project cargo handling in Kenya.

Expert Customs Clearance and Brokerage Solutions in Kenya

Siggol Logistics Company offers Best customs clearance and brokerage Solutions in Kenya for both export and import consignments. Because of our intimate understanding of Kenya custom clearance procedures, we are able to prepare on time all pre-alerts, input any electronic submissions, take care of taxes, excises and duties. All these processes are adequately handled and communicated to both our clients and custom authorities.

Our trusted Freight Forwarding, Logistics, Project Cargo Handling Transport & Customs Services Kenya's close cooperation and coordination with custom departments, airlines and shipping gives us a competitive edge.

Our top customs clearance and brokerage full processing include:

  • Reliable and fast service at Mombasa sea port and the airport
  • Any volume, weight cargo at the port
  • Clearing and forwarding of all sizes
  • All necessary documentation processing
  • Transport and site delivery
  • Careful unloading and loading
  • Proper monitoring of warehouse and storage facility
  • Special handling

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