Freight Forwarding Company Mombasa Kenya

Kenya Project Cargo Handling Services

Project cargo logistics across Kenya, DRC, Uganda, Tanzania, and Sudan

“Siggol Logistics Company, with its skilled expertise, ensures seamless project cargo handling operations. From project planning and site inspection to reliable carrier selection and customs clearance, we deliver innovative solutions for timely project completion.”

Siggol Logistics excels in project cargo logistics, providing expert handling for both small and heavy lift projects across Kenya, DRC, Uganda, Tanzania, and Sudan, ensuring smooth operations with transport and customs agencies.

Trust Siggol Logistics for project planning, route surveys, en-route reporting, and timely delivery with comprehensive customs clearance and final stage reporting.

Siggol Logistics Company has the skilled expertise required to manage both small and heavy lift projects for you. We have over the years built a grand reputation in heavy lift shipments and project cargo logistics in Kenya, DRC, Uganda, Tanzania & Sudan.

Our team is committed to ensuring all project cargo handling operations run smoothly as they have an in-depth understanding of handling cargo’s with transport and customs agencies, and port agencies. We provide creative and innovative project cargo handling solutions as well as technical engineering services to ensure a project completion and timely delivery.

Our project cargo logistics operations also include:

  • Project planning and site inspection
  • Selection of reliable carrier and route surveys
  • Trace and track goods with en-route reporting
  • Customs clearance
  • Closing report at final stage delivery