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Clearance of motor vehicles under CPD (Carnet De Passage) in Kenya

Clearance Of Motor Vehicles Under Cpd (carnet De Passage) In Kenya
  • 21st March 2022

What is a CPD Carnet?

This is customs booklet allowing consignees to temporarily import their motor vehicles for use but within a stipulated period without paying any Government taxes.

How does it work in Kenyan Customs?

The Kenyan Government allows temporary importation of motor vehicles under CPD carnet so long as it is valid.

The CPD carnet Booklet must be custom stamped upon entry and exit from Kenya.

Documentation necessary for clearance of motor vehicles under (CPD) Carnet De Passage.

a) The CPD carnet booklet must be valid.
b) The Importer/Consignee must have a valid passport with valid visa (if required) - Certified copy of it to be presented to the agent during clearance.
c) Copy of the logbook of the motor vehicle
d) Valid Motor Vehicle Insurance cover (Sourced Locally)

Import Clearance Procedure/Process

a) The Importer to send a copy the CPD Carnet booklet (current custom stamped page) together with the draft Bill of Lading and other required documents necessary for customs clearance process.

b) Then Siggol Logistics counter checks the details as written on the draft Bill of Lading before giving an okay for the issuance of the final Bill of Lading.

c) Once the final Bill of lading is issued, the Importer must handover the original CPD carnet booklet together with the original Bill of Lading to Siggol Logistics; at least seven days prior to vessel arrival in Mombasa.

d) This is to give Siggol Logistics team enough time for preparation of the arrival of the shipment as well as for smooth clearance of the motor vehicle.

e) The Importer must be present during final release and motor vehicle handover.

“Should you intend to ship your motor vehicle temporarily under carnet regime, kindly get in touch with our sales team for further guidance at; |+254 720 176 673”

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