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Trends and Innovations Shaping Logistics and Supply Chain in 2023.

Trends And Innovations Shaping Logistics And Supply Chain In 2023.
  • 18th December 2022

Supply chain and logistics industries are heavily dependent on implementing technology-driven innovations and ideas; this necessitates the need to be well-versed in emerging ideas.
In the next decade, the main focus of these industries is to make their services customer-pivotal and dependable, bearing in mind that productivity, efficient workflow, transparency, and traceability are their core values.
With irrefutable evidence, a significant shift in freight forwarding is expected in the business year 2023 due to the implementation of new technology ideas and innovations such as;

• Autonomous Vehicles
Technology advancement is not a surprise anymore, and this includes self-driven vehicles. Research and development of autonomous vehicles is an initiative that has been undertaken by crucial moguls in logistics and is expected to debut in 2023. Autonomous vehicles increase efficiency in first and last-mile delivery, which is a big win in improving customer satisfaction.

• Blockchain Technology
Mitigating the complex global environment of the supply chain has been a hurdle to jump across, but that is expected to change with the advent of blockchain. The innovation offers security through a decentralized ledger system and traceability. By using blockchain, the supply chain will see a decrease in asset handling issues and fraud while reliably tracking assets throughout their journey by creating a permanent and unalterable record as registered vendors and third parties handle assets.

• Big Data and Analytics
With the vast flow of goods worldwide, assorted data sets are generated. These data sets vary in weight, size, destination, and origin, providing a base for big data analytics. Monitoring and evaluating these data sets can be used for route optimization and planning. In addition, supply chain industries can utilize market data analysis tools for better supplier pricing options, risk management strategies, and predictive maintenance solutions.

• Last-Mile Delivery
The final step of transporting a shipment from the warehouse to its last selected address is the most critical bit in ensuring customer satisfaction and often the most challenging. However, last-mile delivery optimization is a top priority come 2023, especially with the uptick of e-commerce in the supply chain industry.
Implementation of drones and up-to-date inventory software that enters orders into a centralized system and has a progressive method of scaling will reduce most of the challenges faced during last-mile delivery and, ultimately, a happy customer, a win in these industries.

• Cloud Computing
SaaS solutions are stealing the show in the next business year because it uses a pay-per-use model and reduces IT infrastructure costs. As a bonus, freight forwarding and logistics companies can legally liaise and share information securely and upscale with minimal to zero costs.

• Warehouse Automation
Warehouse technology and implementation have constantly changed and are expected to upscale further in 2023 .
Advanced AGVs with guidance systems, vertical lift modules (VLMs), Batch pick and high-speed sorting systems, Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light Systems are expected to be implemented further in warehouse management to improve efficiency, optimize operations, enhance data accuracy and analysis, optimize warehouse floor space and customer satisfaction.

The freight forwarding, supply chain, and Logistics industries are constantly changing, with most of it attributed to technology, customer expectations, and needs.

We, Siggol Logistics, are at the forefront of implementing these solutions and innovations into our operations process for better service delivery.
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