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How to deal with the mishap of cargo delays in Logistics

How To Deal With The Mishap Of Cargo Delays In Logistics
  • 19th June 2020

Delivery experience of a contracted Logistics Firm accounts for up to 80% of a client's review of the company. A delayed shipment tips the scales towards a negative review on social platforms which consequentially turns away a lot of potential clients and nullifying of existing contracts.
However, cargo delays in Freight Forwarding Companies are inevitable and therefore calls upon being responsible and smart in case they happen. To go about cargo delays Logistics Companies should:

a) Communicate with the customer.
Clear and upstanding communication between the freight forwarder and the client builds trust and enables smooth execution of transactions. Upon delay, the client should be contacted and given a concise update of their shipment, apologize if necessary for all inconveniences caused, and explain the underlying reason for the delay. Prompt responses in this case suffice. Emails or calls should be implemented as they offer a personalized solution to the problem. Siggol Logistics has a well-trained and dedicated team ready to address all our clients concerns across all social platforms.

b) Be able to track shipments in real-time.
Being able to track shipments using tracking numbers and RIFD tags in real-time offers both the freight forwarding company and the client more control over the cargo handling process and therefore allows preemptive correspondence in case of a delay.

c) Offer the client special deals.
Upon delay of a cargo shipment, the client should be offered incentive deals for they go a long way and are a sign of goodwill. Deals such as a free shipping deal for the next project or even offering a certain percentage off on the shipping fee. If the client asks for a refund that's well earned, upon deliberation with other team members do so with the intent of the client's satisfaction, retention and a positive review.

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