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What you need to be aware before importing any cargo to Kenya

What You Need To Be Aware Before Importing Any Cargo To Kenya
  • 19th June 2020

Pre-Export Verification of Conformity (PVOC) Programme

Is a conformity assessment procedure applied on goods destined to Kenya in the country of supply/ origin by KEBS appointed inspection agents to assess their compliance with applicable Kenya Standards or approved specification?

Inspection of Imports to / via Mombasa.

All Kenyan Imports must undergo a mandatory examination at origin to determine if the product design, product, service, process or plant, meets the specific requirements or, on the basis of professional judgment, with general requirements as per the Kenya Bureau Standards (KEBS).

The must be accompanied with the certificate of Conformity (CoC) upon completion of inspection.

Prohibited Imports

Controlled by Kenyan Bureau of Standards (KEBS)
Counterfeits and banned products list available on KEBS website:

For additional details view the BIVAC datasheet that appears at the end of this document

Restricted Imports

Weapons and armories, explosives, other classified DG cargo
Importation of Used Motor Vehicles/Mobile Equipment and Used Spare Parts

The below are the KEBS contracted Inspection agents at origin (Japan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa)

M/s EAA Company Limited
Auto-Terminal Japan (ATJ)
M/s Quality Inspection Services Inc, Japan

Mobile Equipment refers to used trailers, bulldozers, agricultural tractors, excavators, graders, moveable cranes and off-road vehicles.

Please note that KEBS will inspect at destination (i.e. at the port of Entry) used motor vehicles, mobile equipment and used spare parts thereof imported from countries where QISJ is not contracted to provide inspection services.

All Importers of used motor vehicles including returning residents, diplomatic staff and the general public that in observance of clause 2.5 of KS 1515:2000; the 8 (eight) year requirement, only Right Hand Drive (RHD) motor vehicles whose Year of First Registration is from 1st January 2013 and later shall be allowed into the country.

Vehicles that are exported from Japan, UK, UAE, Singapore or South Africa shall also be accompanied by a Certificate of Roadworthiness issued in the country of export (country of supply) by KEBS appointed inspection bodies

Import Standardization Mark of Quality

KEBS developed and implemented secure Quality Marks/ stickers complete with Track and Trace software since 1st August 2015. The objective of the project was to deal with rampant faking of KEBS Quality Marks and provide a platform through which KEBS will be able to carry out on-field real-time validation and verification of goods bearing its Quality Marks. The system will also provide an online platform for consumers to directly authentic the validity of certification of goods before purchase.

The first phase of the project targets ALL imported products intended for sale in the local market. All importers of the aforementioned goods will be required to purchase Import Standardization Mark (ISM) stickers directly from KEBS. Importers will be required to apply for ISM by submitting Copies of Certificate of Conformity, Import Declaration Form and Customs Entry to KEBS.

Weight Limitations - Road

The Kenyan authorities announced a new rule on the maximum allowable weight of a container on its national roads. No more than 34 tons (per 20ft, 40ft/HC or 45ft) will be allowed effective from 16/09/13.

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