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How to Choose a Reliable Logistics Partner

How To Choose A Reliable Logistics Partner
  • 15th July 2020

Logistics plays a crucial role in the booming e-commerce business when it comes to the supply chain systems. It is important to ensure that you work with a logistics partner that is reliable and will deliver you goods safely and in an effective and efficient manner.

Choosing a logistics company that will offer you the best services may turn out to be a challenging task. Note, you need to get it right as have a logistics company that isn’t reliable will prove to be a headache and one may end up not receiving their goods. There are various factors that you need to consider before settling on a logistics partner.

At Siggol Logistics, we always strive to ensure we deliver high quality services. We ensure that each checklist fact is ticked when it comes to being a reliable logistics company. What are some of the factors found in our company that can help you in choosing a reliable logistics partner?

1. Area of Expertise

Though Siggol Logistics has the capability of providing different services, it is important to note that not all logistics companies have such abilities. Therefore, what some logistics companies do is to specialize on a specific service. For example, a company may specialize in distribution, warehousing, road transportation, or shipping and receiving.

Look into your business needs and the logistics services that will meet that need. Ensure that the logistics company you choose is the best fit for your business. You many need to dig a little bit deeper to ensure you can trust their capabilities. Look at their track record and online review in line with the logistics services you are seeking. Also, ask relevant questions so as to see if their solutions will fit both your short term and long-term needs. At Siggol Logistics we ensure we build a lasting partnership with the client and encourage questions.

2. Company Sustainability

The logistics provider sustainability matter as it shows its long-term success in the logistics industry. A stable business partner such as Siggol Logistics can easily cope with any possible urgent needs and emergencies that may arise.

Even better, it is good to partner with a company that is financially sustainable to ensure you receive optimal logistics solutions. You can verify this by viewing a company‘s past financial report and payment history. You can also try to figure out the company’s expansion plan to know its sustainability. At Siggol Logistics, we are open with our expansion plans with our clients as we believe that we are one big family.

3. Credibility

Credibility is an important aspect when it comes to building a long-term logistics partnership. It is important to research ad find out if the company is credible in the way it carries out its business. One way to find out is through other people who have used their services. Online reviews can also help.

If the company is offering lower budgets, do not rush to enter into a partnership but get to know why. Ensure you double check everything. At Siggol Logistics, we highly value our reputation and give personalized services to every individual.

4. Network of Location

A logistics company that is competent should have the capability to give you a strategic approach to your business distribution needs with optimal efficiency. For instance, you need a cross-border freight forwarder who can deliver your packages to Nairobi within 1 year. Then you need to figure out the candidates who already have a business network in the country, or in the continent. Is there anyone will establish their networks in the area within the time?

Siggol Logistics has an office at Mombasa main port and other subsidiary offices such as the one in Dar es Salaam and Kampala. The company also is in Logistics companies both abroad and within the continent to ensure that network aspects are adequately taken care off.

5. Customer Service

Excellent customer service, fluid communication, quick responses, and effective solution to issues are key. Such are the aspects that show that a logistic company prioritizes its clients. Get to know what their customer feels about the customer service of the logistics providers, you will have your answer in your mind. If the customer service is consistently good, it seems that the company has created a mature customer service system over the past years in the industry.

6. Safety

Does the logistics provider have a sense of safety? There is no denying that you have to pay attention to safety awareness of your logistics provider. It is absolutely crucial when deciding a logistics partner. A deadly fire in the transferring warehouse will cause huge loss for your business. Try to check the safety awareness of the logistics provider, and relevant facilities, even safety management.

A good company such as Siggol Logistics will offer safety training regularly to their employees, place safety warnings in the right place, check their facilities regularly, and document a company-wide safety standard in line with the industry safety rules and regulations of the nation. Make sure your products will be sent to the destinations without any damage during the operation of the logistics service provider.

7. Technology

Logistics companies should equip themselves with the latest technology to provide efficient and transparent service to the clients. They can utilize technologies like warehouse automation, cloud computing, web-based booking and tracking system, etc. These technologies will help them provide error-free and consistent service with quick reports and efficient distribution system. You can access to the timely info about the whereabouts of your products at any time.

At Siggol, we understand that technology has an impact on efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery. A logistics provider with extensive technology expertise will definitely bring your great benefits.

8. Price

Is the pricing transparent? Are there any hidden charges? The price charged by the logistics providers is a key metric for you to considerate. You have to track the price per delivery before you make the final decision. Normally, the costs charged by the logistics companies should include transportation cost, receiving cost, warehousing fees, pick-and-pack fees, shipping costs, account set-up fees, and the monthly minimums.

10. Freight Management

How does the logistics provider manage the freight? How does it react to the fluctuating market needs? Normally, a good logistics partner will be capable to respond quickly to the changing market needs. It would likely to offer a quick and effective solution to the customers’ specific situation. They can coordinate based on customer demands. They may even provide customized service and tools to their clients based on their business requirements.

11. Efficiency

How soon with the logistics partner will process your orders? How long will it take to ship your orders to your customers’ hands? Actually, efficiency matters your business and customers satisfaction.

Efficiency means the time it takes to pick the order, pack the order, and ship it to the destinations for the logistics company . The shorter time it takes the more efficient service it is. For a logistics company, both the transportation routes and modes play a key role when it comes to the order delivery.

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