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Benefits Of Freight Tracking
  • 27th January 2021

The suspense encountered when a shipment is on transit is downplayed. However, with the advent of tracking, freight forwarding and logistics firms have offered value-added services to their customers. Choosing and implementing a transport management system(TMS) enables one to track and trace their shipment. With a suitable TMS, a logistics provider can provide insight into carrier performance, transportation costs, and market trends.

Here are additional attributes of freight tracking:

a. Improved Visibility And Performance.
Visibility for an outbound shipment from origin to destination is vital because a freight forwarder can foresee delays and act promptly and notify the customer. By informing the customer about an unprecedented uncertainty, the relationship between the parties involved fortifies.

b. Accountability.
A centralized platform brings together transport data across multiple protocols and sources, providing one view of truth for insights and reporting. Freight tracking has made transparency between involved parties achievable. The flow of information between the customer and a logistics firm improves the integrity of the operation.

c. Reduced Theft of Cargo While On Transit.
Third-party logistics providers, supply chain managers regularly face cargo theft, which is a grey area that is yet to be patched. With the interconnected and outsourced supply chain, the vulnerability of cargo has escalated. However, freight tracking offers a real-time overview and updates on the shipment's GPS location and condition while on transit. Also, when a transporter deviates from the pre-defined route raises suspicion and therefore allowing preemptive action.

d. Almost Zero Paperwork.
Real-time tracking has vastly reduced manual work and errors. Long gone is the era of keeping up with spreadsheets and making a tone of calls to know the shipment status. Having the most suitable TMS and consequentially tracking reduces mistakes and delays in the supply chain. Hand-offs of shipments are automated courtesy of a digital platform.

e. Improved Customer Experience.
With freight tracking, a better customer experience is guaranteed. By providing a customer their shipment's current location, status, and estimated arrival time (ETA), the customer's mind is at ease.

With all these attributes, freight tracking is necessary for every party involved in logistics, supply chain, and transport management!

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