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Multimodal Shipping; The New Trend in Logistics and Supply Chain.

Multimodal Shipping; The New Trend In Logistics And Supply Chain.
  • 11th January 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the most formidable challenge faced in the history of logistics and supply chain . The need for invention further inspired innovation and the setting of new standards to manoeuver the pandemic. Multimodal shipping is a result of these commendable efforts.

Multimodal shipping involves using disparate methods of shipping that are governed by a single contract. Movement of cargo from origin to destination by using several modes of transport although steered by one contract.

Incorporating multimodal freight management and transportation has numerous advantages over intermodal shipping. Multimodal shipping cuts down the costs incurred as it cuts off outsourcing to multiple carriers therefore saving on time, money, and labor.

The ability to track the bill of lading across multiple transport methods is also a merit of multimodal shipping. Having the right TMS , tracking the bill of lading is easier irrespective of it being automated. According to the recent survey and insights conducted, the ability to track the bill of lading without further increasing costs is the future trend anticipated in freight forwarding and supply chain. This form of shipping has reduced highway and seaway congestion, emissions, and energy consumption.

However, implementing multimodal shipping itself and expecting to achieve profits and good customer service is a pipe dream. A lot has to give. That includes integrating transport management systems (TMS) with transport carrier systems to enable shipment tracking. Deploying data-driven freight processes in all transportation activities eliminates loopholes that eventually helps save money. Also considering all the other modes of transport before settling is key.

Lastly, sharing a real-time status update with contextual data between team members enables them to predict and identify potential problems and solutions. Therefore, they can respond to disruptions in supply and delivery that promote brand goodwill and increases customer loyalty.

Making data-based decisions, forecasting, and management have changed how the transportation and logistics industry runs on both a small scale and a large scale. In the current era of growing customer needs and demands and the ever-changing environment, it is more important than ever for shipping and logistic companies to keep up with the current trends including multimodal shipping. A proficient TMS and multimodal shipping is most certainly the way to go!

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