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Freight Insurance In Freight Forwarding And Logistics.

Freight Insurance In Freight Forwarding And Logistics.
  • 27th November 2020

In logistics and freight forwarding , regardless of the transit method and care taken while handling cargo damage or accidents or theft of cargo is inevitable.
Quite often, the shipper and consignee wrongly conjecture that a freight liability policy is the same as a freight insurance policy, which is not the case.
A freight liability policy is hinged on the physical attributes of the cargo, such as its weight and not the accrued value.
Freight insurance is requested to protect cargo that is on transit from damage due to natural calamities or theft or loss. Having a freight insurance policy is crucial when the cargo being handled is fragile, or when the value of the cargo exceeds the stated value.
The freight insurance policy also suffices when damage to the goods has been done and there’s an urgency for a refund. The claims between the insurance company and the consignee are handled directly without basing the legibility of reimbursement solely on the negligence of the freight forwarder. And therefore cuts through the fine line of liability.
Having a freight insurance policy provides extra comfort and confidence on both the shipper and the consignee’s end.
To settle for the right insurance policy, extensive and detailed research should be conducted to gather relevant information on the available policies. Extensive research will offer a wide range of options to choose from.
A commendable freight insurance provider should have an upstanding experience and positive review as well, as this goes a long way in building trust in the logistics and supply chain industry.
Check with us at Siggol Logistics, and we will be sure to give you candid advice on the most suitable freight insurance policy you could objectify.

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