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Things to consider when choosing a freight forwarder

Things To Consider When Choosing A Freight Forwarder
  • 13th June 2020

A quick Google search will show that there’s no shortage of logistics companies ready to ship your goods internationally. But at Siggol Logistics we know that there’s a vast difference between any freight forwarder and a good freight forwarder.

If your business is new to international shipping, you may not understand the importance of freight forwarding. But the truth is, the success of your international business is heavily dependent on choosing the right freight forwarder .

The wrong choice can result in poor logistics management which can deter the success of your global expansion. On the other hand, choosing the right freight forwarder such as Siggol Logistics can make all the difference when it comes to international shipping.

So, what do you consider when choosing the right freight forwarder ?


When it comes to freight forwarding companies , few factors are more important than experience.

For example, the experience at Siggol Logistics is the one that has ensured the company competency when dealing with shipping issues like:

• Dockworker strikes
• Port shutdowns
• Cargo reroutes
• Customs
• Warehousing

These potential issues are common in international shipping. A freight forwarder with years of experience will know how to deal with such issues so your goods continue to their destination unhindered.


At Siggol Logistics we know that how your international shipments are handled at both your origin and destination port is the responsibility of your freight forwarder. International shipping requires considerable logistics; the right freight forwarder for your company is one that has the right network of global agents.

When choosing a freight forwarder for your business, make sure their network and connections work in the destination country your goods will be shipped to. This will keep the flow of information running smoothly, confirming that your products are arriving in a timely and secure manner.


Each industry has specified requirements when it comes to international shipping. When choosing a freight forwarder , confirm that they have the services you need. This will ensure all your international shipments go smoothly.

The services that a freight forwarder such as Siggol Logistics should provide include:

• Tracking inland transportation
• Preparation of import and export documentation
• Packing and storage
• Inventory management
• Booking cargo space
• Customs clearance
• Negotiating freight charges
• Freight consolidation
• Insurance

When doing your research, acquaint yourself with the type of services your desired freight forwarder provides. They should not only provide services that align with your supply chain processes but also guide you through the documents required for freight forwarding.


When sourcing a freight forwarder for your company, ask to see their credentials and certifications. We at Siggol Logistics are always ready to show our credentials and certifications to our clients.

Certifications and credentials will inform you whether or not a freight forwarder has the specialized training and security requirements to handle your goods.

While you’re confirming credentials, ask for references as well. A list of references providing unsolicited praise for a freight forwarder is a good indication that they have the experience and expertise to manage your international shipping requirements.


Like any other industry, customer service is important. A freight forwarder with excellent customer service will provide the support you need to expand internationally. This is particularly crucial if this is your first foray into the overseas market.

Exceptional customer service ensures you always have direct access to the agent managing your cargo.
They will provide open lines of communication should you have any questions about a shipment. What’s more, they will have a high level of responsiveness, alerting you to any issues or delays regarding your cargo.

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